• Use of LEDs provides high reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully qualified for military helicopter requirements
  • In operation world-wide
  • Fully controllable with dimming and multiple flash patterns
  • Visible output inherently NVG friendly
  • Visible output complies with FAA/EASA requirements for helicopter ACLs
  • Range of mounting configurations to replace existing strobe or rotating beacon units
  • Dual mode variants available with covert IR emitters integrated
  • Covert IR only options available for retrofit between visible ACL and aircraft skin

Starflash LED Anti-Collision Lights

Starflash is a replacement aircraft anti-collision light using advanced LED technology. This makes Starflash highly reliable in comparison with conventional strobe and rotating beacon lights, as well as being compact and light in weight.

The visible output is inherently NVG friendly so operations in civil airspace need not compromise use of night vision goggles, but remains compliant with international civil airworthiness regulations.

A variety of different mounting configurations are available to suit most aircraft types. It can be supplied in dual mode configuration with covert IR emitters.

Options are also available to modify conventional strobes by adding filters for NVG friendly operation and IR emitters for covert use.

Covert, IR only options are available for retrofit to existing aircraft. A typical configuration is a thin sandwich unit to fit under the existing strobe light. Starflash units are in active service on a range of rotary and fixed wing platforms around the world.

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