• Use of LEDs provides high reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Unrivalled combination of functions for militaary helicopters
  • Fully qualified for military helicopter requirements 
  • In operation on AW159   
  • All modes can be dimmed and offer multiple flash patterns
  • No separate control unit required  
  • Simple cockpit mode selector switch only
  • Standard and low profile variants available

White mode

  • World’s first 2000ECP LED ACL
  • Exceptional long range visibility  
  • Safer operations even in bright sunshine

Red mode

  • Exceeds conventional red ACL performance for night operations 
  • Complies with FAA/EASA requirements  
  • Inherently NVG friendly

IR mode

  • High reliability IR diodes for covert operation

Starflash Tri-Mode LED Anti-Collision Light

The Starflash Tri-Mode anti-collision light offers an unrivalled combination of functions for military helicopters.

The White mode is believed to be the world’s first 2000ECP LED anti-collision light providing exceptional long range visibility for safer operations even in bright sunshine.

The Red mode matches the capability of standard red helicopter anti-collision lights for night operations.

Both visible modes are inherently night vision goggle friendly whilst fully complying with civil airworthiness requirements for colour and intensity.

Additionally there is an IR mode for covert operations. All modes can be dimmed as required, and all feature multiple flash patterns.

No external drive box or capacitor is required as all circuitry is integral, meaning only a simple cockpit mode selector switch is needed.

The Starflash Tri-Mode ACL is fully proven and in operational service

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