• Visible and covert outputs
  • Fits standard helicopter searchlight space envelope
  • Visible element uses HID lamp technology for high reliability
  • Highly directional beam, high intensity
  • Covert element uses ring of IR LEDs – high reliability, low power consumption
  • High IR output to enhance NVG-aided vision
  • Virtually invisible to the naked eye
  • Fully slewable for maximum versatility over land or water

Can also be configured as:

  • Rescue light
  • Hoist light
  • Fixed dual mode landing light

Dual Mode Aircraft Searchlights

A range of dual mode visible and covert aircraft searchlights.

The visible element uses HID lamp technology which provides excellent reliability and is inherently NVG friendly.

The covert element uses a ring of IR LEDs, again providing maximum reliability whilst being virtually invisible to the human eye for true covert operation.

The units are fully slewable, providing maximum versatility for use over land or water in all conditions. They fit into the existing standard searchlight space envelope.

The design can also be configured as a rescue light, a hoist light, or a fixed dual mode landing light.

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