• For fitment to external lights
  • Block IR for NVG friendly operation
  • Or block visible for covert operation
  • Heat resistant glass
  • Interference or absorption types available
  • Can be configured for a range of light types
  • Landing lights, taxi lights, anti-collision lights, floodlights
  • Suitable for aircraft and vehicles


A range of filters can be supplied for fitment to exterior lights to convert them to NVG friendly or covert.

Filters are typically of glass, heat resistant where required, and available in either interference or absorption types as appropriate.

They are most commonly used to retrofit to existing lights, either to eliminate unwanted infra-red wavelengths for NVG friendly, or to block visible and transmit infra-red for covert operation.

Filters can be supplied for mounting to a range of different light types, including landing lights, taxi lights, anti-collision lights, and floodlights, on both aircraft and vehicles.

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