• Based on thin, flexible electroluminescent panels
  • Inherently NVG friendly
  • Simple, low cost installation under cockpit glare shield
  • Cockpit control box supplied
  • Fully combat proven
  • IR units also available for external covert formation keeping

Glowstar Electroluminescent Lamps

The Glowstar system is based on thin, flexible electroluminescent panels (ELPs) that are inherently NVG compatible.

Glowstar can be easily and very cost effectively fitted, typically under the cockpit glare shield of military aircraft, for a quick NVG lighting conversion. Fitting time is minimal so aircraft downtime is negligible.

A small cockpit control box, operating from the aircraft power supply, completes the system.

Glowstar is in use on many military aircraft and is fully combat proven.

IR units are also available for use as external covert formation keeping lights.

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