Test Equipment



  • For checking IR source operation
  • Fast, safe and reliable
  • Inexpensive, robust, versatile
  • Sensitive to same wavelength as NVGs


  • Checks both presence and strength of IR output
  • Works for both steady and pulsed outputs
  • Operates in NVG response band
  • Three sensitivity settings
  • Integral battery and condition indication
  • Simple to operate

Navstar Test Set

  • For testing specific aircraft systems
  • Checks all functions of lighting control unit
  • Visible/IR selection/Dimming/Flash patterns
  • Clear unambiguous display
  • Also houses integral control unit
  • Permits remote driving and test of complete aircraft systems

Test Equipment

LFD provides a range of test equipment for use with its lighting products.

Starchecker provides a fast, safe and reliable means of checking the operation of an infra-red source. The unit is inexpensive, robust and versatile, and is sensitive to the same infra-red wavelength range as night vision goggles.

Startest provides an indication of both presence and strength of IR emissions in the NVG band. It has three sensitivity settings to accommodate a range of emitter output levels, and an integral battery condition indication. It is simple to operate and provides an ideal maintenance tool for the output measurement of pulsed or steady IR outputs.

LFD also produces a range of test kits for specific aircraft lighting systems.

The Navstar Test Set provides a means of checking all functions of the lighting control unit, including visible/IR operation, dimming and flash patterns, without having to connect it to the aircraft system.

Conversely, the Test Set houses an inbuilt CCU which can be used to remotely drive and check out the aircraft system.

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