• Use of LEDs provides high reliability
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully qualified for military aircraft requirements
  • In operation world-wide on fast jets, transports and helicopters
  • Visible output inherently NVG friendly
  • Visible output compliant with FAA/EASA requirements
  • Range of mounting configurations to replace legacy units
  • Dual mode variants available with covert IR emitters integrated
  • Fully controllable via Control Unit for mode selection, dimming and flash patterns
  • No rewiring necessary

Navstar LED Position Lights

A range of LED lights, designed as a simple retrofit for existing aircraft position lights.

The lights are fully compliant with international airworthiness regulations, yet have major benefits over conventional light types.

As solid state sources they are highly reliable, so aircraft availability is greatly enhanced.

Furthermore, they are inherently friendly to NVGs, so military aircraft can fly at night in civil airspace, in close formation, without adversely affecting goggle performance. This makes Navstar an important safety advance.

Navstar is also available with an IR option, permitting covert night flying operations.

Dual mode operation can be simply achieved with no additional wiring, and it is possible to combine IR and visible outputs in a controlled way to make the output more visible to NVGs.

A new cockpit control box can be supplied to provide increased functionality, which may include variable dimming and pilot selectable flash patterns in both visible and covert modes. Navstar is proven technology in current operational use on a variety of aircraft, both rotary wing and fast jet fighter, world wide.

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