• LED visible and covert station-keeping lights
  • Use of LEDs provides high reliability
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully qualified for military aircraft requirements

Starpoint II

  • Covert IR only module
  • Fitted around aircraft profile
  • Enhances NVG formation flying

Starpoint III

  • Dual mode visible and covert
  • Acts as miniature flood or follow light
  • Suitable for NVG use
  • Available in variety of colour, wavelength and beam spread combinations

Starpoint Formation Lights

Formation Lights. A range of covert and visible formation and station-keeping lights for military aircraft.

All are intended for use with night vision goggles. They are simple to fit and allow for angular adjustment.

Starpoint II is a covert IR LED formation light module for use around the aircraft to enhance NVG formation flying.

Starpoint III is a dual mode visible and covert module for use as a miniature flood or follow light. It is intended for use with NVGs and is available in a variety of colour, wavelength and beam spread combinations.

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